About Us

Who We Are  

        eZeeBikes is an eCommerce store specialising in electric bikes, scooters, parts & accessories.

Our Mission

The evolution of transportation is centred around speed. For this reason, it is our mission to provide the most fulfilling experience to our customers at the fastest speed possible.

Our Vision

To combat pressing issues of climate damage we are pushing boundaries to ensure that affordable, practical, and eco-friendly solutions exist for our customers on a global scale. This will provide existing and future customers the ability to be in the centre of a new era of transportation.

Our Values

We believe that eZee does it. By this we make the process of searching and buying products as seamless as possible for an amazing customer experience.  

To uphold this we stand by our three fundamental obligations:

Our definition of efficiency is that speed is the name of the game. From searching to buying products will be quick and eZee.
We strive to give our customers the best feeling by adapting and providing to your every need.

We believe that in order to be authentic we must be reliable, transparent, and genuine.


eZee does it!