The Difference Between Hub Motors and Mid-drive Motors

This blog post asks and answers the question, ‘What is the difference between hub motors and mid-drive motors?’. Well read on and find out...

To begin with, the main difference between hub motors and mid-drive motors is where they’re located; hub motors are located within the wheel hub on either the front or real wheel, whereas the mid-drive motors are attached to the bike frame, helping propel the whole bike. A hub motor tends to be an independent unit rather than integrated on the frame. 

Another difference between hub motors and mid-drive motors are their price. Hub motors tends to be a lot more cheaper than their counterpart as they’re mass produced - mid-drive motors have a reputation for a higher performance. 

Mid-drive motors 


High performance 

Easily repaired





More maintenance required 

Hub Motors



Does the job

Easily replaced


Not as reliable

Not as durable

Mass produced


In conclusion, mid-drive motors are the better option and the better investment. However, if you’re running on a tight budget - huh motors are a perfect option for you and your bike.


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