Q: Where can I ride my eBike?

A: Anywhere - treat your eBike the same as you would a traditional bicycle.


Q: Do I need a license to use my eBike?

A: No, you do not need a license to use and control an eBike; they don’t need to be taxed, insured or registered.


Q: What eBike suits me?

A: This is dependant on your intended use of your eBike, each eBike is suited to different surroundings. Check out the product description on our eBikes to find out whether the bike matches your intended purpose.


Q: Are eBikes ‘cheating’?

A: No, in fact, you will do more exercise using an eBike as they enable you to travel further distances, quicker without gassing yourself out. You still get exercise using an eBike by the typical pedal propulsion.


Q: Are eBikes heavy?

A: eBikes are heavier than traditional bicycles because they house a motor and a battery.


Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: Batteries for eBikes typically take upwards of 2-5 hours to fully charge.


Q: How do you charge the battery?

A: Plug the charger into a wall outlet and plug into the battery.


Q: Are eBikes waterproof?

A: No eBike is completely waterproof, however they are weatherproof, able to withstand the rain, but not for prolonged exposure.


Q: How fast can eBikes travel?

A: 15-30 mph. However, the legal maximum speed you are required to obey depends on the country in which you intend to use the eBike, check your countries legislation to see what is legal to ride in your country, before buying.


Q: How do you clean an eBike? 

A: It is recommended to use a damp cloth in combination with bike shampoo.


Q: What is the difference between motors?

A: There are two types of motors; Mid-drive and Hub-drive. Mid-drive motors are housed between the pedals whereas Hub-drive motors are found on either the front or rear wheel.


Q: What is the difference between 250W and 500W eBikes?

A: W stands for Watts, so 500W eBike allows for faster speeds than a 250W eBike allows. The amount of Watts also limits which eBike can be used in certain countries. 

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