2021 - A New Hope

2021 - A New Hope


We are now into the second week of 2021, beaming with optimism and hopes of a more prosperous year than the calamity of 2020.

However, just because the year has changed does not mean that the Covid-19 pandemic is any less of a threat; there are still many more challenges to face across the world in these harsh times to come.

Presently, the UK is in another national lockdown, so what does the mean for bike and scooter enthusiasts? Despite the stay at home order being enforced across the nation, exercise is still permitted to be undertaken and using an electroised motor on your vehicle, you can travel for longer - getting away from home even if it is for a short period of time.

The lockdown in 2021 does have an end in sight due to the constant and tireless work of superb scientists to find a vaccine; large progress is being seen whether it’s the pfizer vaccine or the moderna vaccine.

However, until everyone is vaccinated and a herd immunity has been established, Most of the uk will remain locked down at home, in this case, watch this space for a new range of indoor hoverboards coming in stock to sooth your thirst for adrenaline and adventure.

No matter what 2021 may bring, rest assured that eZee Bikes have got you covered - it’s what we do; make things eZee.

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